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Volume 2D/6D - $240/$280 Full Sets

The ultimate in lash extensions, A 3-D Volume set uses multiple lightweight lashes in a fan like pattern to double and triple the amount of your natural lashes

Say goodbye to mascara's.

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Classic Light/Full Sets - $180/$200 Full Set

Perfect for first timers or someone who wants a more natural look. This classic set is perfect for everyday natural wear.

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510-500-5274 (LASH) - Call/Text,

Few words about our Eyelash Salon

We are proud to open our first USA location to San Jose, California for Eyelash Extensions. I'Magic was founded in Taiwan in 2009, and currently has 2 locations in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The Eyelash Industry in Taiwan is truly advance in skills, products, safety,and we are glad to bring the same high quality service to you

You can leave your Groupon deal home, you tried to rest, now come experience the best because you are worth it.

Our team
Jasmine Li Eyelash Extraordinaire

Jasmine is an MBA holder at University Buffalo. She has opened 2 successful Eyelash Extension business in Taiwan, a Master artist & Educator. She brings 6+ years in experience here to USA - contact us and make your appointment with Jasmine!

Classic Sets start at $180
Volume 6D Sets at $280
60min Refills start at $80
Claire Li Eyelash Pioneer

Claire is the co-founder of I'Magic Eyelashes. She sometimes comes to USA for a guest appearance. She has 5+ years in Classic and Volume eyelash extensions.

Classic Set $160
Volume 6D at $240
2 Week Refills at $80
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New Clients Mon New Client Mon Full Set Tue Full Set Wed Refills Thu Refills Fri Sunday Sat
Mon - Fri Saturday Mon - Fri Saturday Mon - Fri Saturday Closed
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Mon 10.00 am 5.00 pm
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Cancellation Policies: Notify us 2 days prior before your appt. or $60 fee if slot cannot be filled. Late arrivals appt may be cut short but I will try my best to complete.

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Refill Guide / Booking Policies

Everyone has different Lash Cycle & Retention Rate, Lifestyle, and maintenance, so please try to book your Refills accordingly.

Classic Set

  • Mini Refill - 60min - 80% or more lashes on/or around 2 weeks
  • Half Refill - 75min - 60% or more lashes on/or around 3 weeks
  • Full Refill - 90min - 40% or more lashes on/ or around 4 weeks

  • Volume Set

  • Mini Refill - 60min - 80% or more lashes on/or around 2 weeks
  • Half Refill - 90min - 60% more lashes on/or around 3 weeks
  • Full Refill - 120min - 40% or more lashes on/ or around 4 weeks

  • No Refills from other place or $20 removal
  • No Refills after 4 weeks or less than 30% left or considered a Full new set
  • Recommended new set after 4 refill appts

  • Booking Policies

  • Arrival: Please remove all eye makeup with an oil-free remover or mild soap prior to your appointment, or arrive early at the salon so that you are able to do so. Highly recommend not to put on any that day you come in.

  • Late Arrivals: While there is no fee for late arrivals, the length of the appointment may be reduced due to time restraints.

  • Cancellation Policies: Notify us 2 days (48 hours) prior before your appt. or $60 fee if slot cannot be filled. No shows will be billed 100% amount of appt.

  • Payment: 3% Fee for Credit Card, Cash Preferred

  • Refunds: We offer no refunds for services. If you are not satisfied we offer free removal.

  • *We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone

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    Our Clients say...

    I found my perfect LASH ARTIST!

    I've been going to different lash artist from different cities even drove 13miles to get my lashes done in Mountain View, down to handful of other shops around San Jose. Nothing compares to the work I've received from Jasmine. She's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G with her work. Not only she is very attentive with her work she also checks up on you if you need anything like water or food during the lash process. She also follows up with you via text or email with how your eyelashes are holding up. Talk about great customer service :)

    I love every set Jasmine does for me every time I visit for a fill. My lashes from her stays in so much longer than any other places I've been too. My time to get ready is literally cut in half, I don't have to wear eyeliner, mascara, or eyeshadow, just my BB Cream and fill in my brows and I'm out the door. Thank you so much Jasmine!!!

    Diana K.

    Our Clients say...

    Jasmine is AWESOME! I recently moved to CA and needed to find someone to do my lashes here. I bought a Groupon for a lady in Santa Clara that did a TERRIBLE job. My eyes were so irritated and I was very upset. I went onto Yelp and found Jasmine. I am SOOOO happy I contacted her. We had a long conversation before I even booked my appointment with her. When I got to her place she sat me down and asked me what I was looking for etc. The consultation was about 10 minutes. She showed me all of the options and really took time to understand what I wanted.

    Her prices are very competitive with the other salons out there but the service you get from her goes above and beyond. She was very thorough and taught me how to take care of them after. She even checked in with me to see how my lashes were doing a few days later.

    If you are going to invest in a set of eyelashes or even get a fill I would highly recommend Jasmine. I promise you won't be disappointed.

    Lauren M.

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